AMCP Annual Meeting 2017

About the Meeting

The AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting is still the only event that brings together all the voices and visions of managed care pharmacy, health care, and breakthrough drug therapies. But the new name brings into focus the ingrained and expanding role of specialty pharmacy. Indeed, it’s increasingly said that managed care pharmacy is specialty pharmacy. We will spotlight new developments in a dedicated track and pre-meeting programming, while still bringing you up to date on legislation and regulation, research, formulary management and other concerns of our profession.

The Annual Meeting is the premier, must-attend meeting of 2017 for:

  • Managed care pharmacists
  • Health plan administrators and medical directors
  • Doctors, nurses and other practitioners who work on the pharmacy benefit
  • Formulary decision-makers
  • Medicare Part D and Medicaid administrators

Why You Can’t Miss this Meeting

Each attendee has different objectives in mind when registering for an event like the Annual Meeting. Examine the listed possibilities and decide which best supports your organization’s mission and sharpens your competitive edge.

Recent Updates

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