AMCP Annual Meeting 2017

Education Tracks

Business Trends in Managed Care
Wall Street. The rise of drug coupons. Pharmaceutical pricing. Many factors influence marketplace stability and profitability. This track crunches the numbers and looks at what’s ahead in the business of population health management.

Current Affairs in Specialty Pharmacy Management
What disease states are being most impacted by specialty pharmaceuticals and how do you manage the cost of these breakthroughs? This track is for all health care professionals currently engaged in this fast-growing field.

Research and its Practical Application
So many new findings in health economics and outcomes research, patient-reported outcomes, and other topics, but so little time (or guidance). These sessions boil down the key results and help inform your practice with solid science. Plus, hundreds of abstract posters showcase a wide range of important studies.

Spotlight on Formulary Management
In a brave new world of formulary considerations—value frameworks, coverage of medical marijuana, other alternative treatments--these sessions showcase best practices and how they tackle and solve problems in formularies everywhere.

Staying on Course with Legislative and Regulatory Issues
A new administration is taking on the challenge of modern health care reform. Quality measures, the effort to combat fraud and other topics in this track will help you make sense of federal and state government legislation.

The Landscape of Contemporary Managed Care Pharmacy
What are the evolving ethics of health care? What unexpected controversies and niche issues are shaping your work? These sessions span across a wide variety of topics within the managed care pharmacy arena.

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